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December 6, 1929

“Co-operators in general, and particularly those who live in Building 7 in particular, are urgently requested to warn their children not to use the elevators unnecessarily.

Our good women are also asked not to hold the doors open while they have the final word with hubby or one of the neighbors. It ‘gums up the works,’ so to speak, and is not a true display of the spirit of co-operation which we are all expected to display.”

Letter to the editor, October 10, 1930

Dear Editor,

In a recent article in The Cooperator, the question of some suitable method of controlling the too-exuberant outbursts of the seemingly millions of children that make life miserable, uproarious and noisy, is broached and not settled.

Despite the Birth Control League and its propaganda, accidents will happen. Once they have happened only two things can be done with children: either drown them or educate them as intelligent individuals and social beings.

Herman Charles Schware